Quick development

All development phases are managed by the GUI interface (Janox Architect) that leads the developer from analysis to end-user deployment. No server-side code, no SQL statements: only logic, easy-reading definitions.


Table driven and script-less development make it possible to easily recode and maintain applications, even between different development teams.


Using Janox architecture allow the developer to only take care of applications logics, while Janox Runtime provides max level executions and interfaces, always and everywhere.


"Write once, running everywhere". Janox ensures full projects portability, across variations of hardware, operating systems, DBMS and interface protocols.


Janox deferred jobs engine allows to spread batch work over a multi-system net, asynchronously and with specific resources allocation.

Return on investment

Janox ensures long life to developed projects, safe from evolving technologies and future requirements.

Janox is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)