Janox Runtime is a set of classes to be included in Janox application scripts. Janox programs contain just a "meta-linguistic" description for data structures, interfaces and execution logics, while runtime provides architecture-specific translating at execution.

Janox Runtime is a script coded in PHP language and nothing more than a working PHP installation is needed for Janox to run: it is projected to work with minimum system and security requirements, so to minimize portability problems and delivering exigences.

PHP is a guarantee for compatibility across OS's and web-servers standards: original from Unix systems, can be easily installed and managed on Windows machines and comes in base packages with any Linux distribution.

Database gateways

Janox Runtime supports a wide range of DBMS:








Janox gateways are database specific sets of functions, that translate data storing/retrieving Janox logics to SQL vendor specific commands. This functions are external to Janox Runtime core, so that can be easily accessed and modified to meet any particular exigence: starting from existing gateways any further database support can be easily coded, opportunely changing just a few lines.


Janox architecture provides two function-equivalent interface systems:


For a browsable access to application can be used an HTML/JavaScript(AJAX) interface: this interface ensure a full rich experience across all standard browsers and is mostly useful not only for remote access, but even for intranet access from low installation needing machines.

WEB-based interface provides all local applications standards with windows, data navigation and advanced controls.


For reaching the best performance in local execution contexts, GUI interface is provided too. User will find all Janox quality standards in a fast, OS-integrated GTK+ interface.

Janox is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)